Post-Surgical Bras & Prosthesis

Wearing a post-surgery bra can give you confidence about your appearance after a mastectomy or breast augmentation surgery. Moreover, for mastectomy patients, they help you look completely natural without the need for breast implants.

Post-surgery bras come with an underwire or are wire free. Depending on your personal preference, you can wear an underwire bra with mesh-lined cups that offer shape and provide support, or a wire free style that offers the same shape and support without the use of an underwire.

For additional comfort some of our bras and surgical vests are made of a soft and breathable fabric that helps keep you cool and dry while helping to manage edema that may occur after surgery. Please consult your physician as to when you can use a post-surgery bra.

Post-Surgical Compression Bra

You can also choose to wear a post-surgery compression bra. These compression bras hold the breast form(s) in place while giving you a balanced and secure fit. The bras are custom fitted to your body, designed for good hygiene after your surgery, and are attractive and comfortable while providing the necessary compression to help you recover. The compression bra is a front closure and supportive bra to provide gentile compression all around. They are helpful to women with post-surgical discomfort or chest/breast lymphedema.

Post-Surgical Compression Bra Benefits Include:

Increasing blood circulation

Holding the surgical dressings in place until doctor removes

Reducing the build-up of fluid in the areas under the skin affected by surgery

With several surgical bras to choose from, you can have that peace of mind knowing that you can still look and feel your best during your recovery and long after your surgery.